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SEL | Anti-Bullying | Behavior Management

The SockKids

The SockKids™

Teaching young kids about Kindness.

Grades Level: Pre K to K

A multi-colored, illustrated, and animated children’s video and book series, The SockKids™ are a mismatched family of socks that sometimes time-travel through the spin cycle, teaching universal lessons of love and kindness, and creating a greater awareness of the many social issues facing children today.

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Cool School

Social Express

Social Learning Made Easy®SE

Grade Level: 1-3

This award winning research-based, animated, interactive program teaches students how to manage and navigate social interactions. With a robust curriculum of 81 interactive webisodes, offering both online and offline activities, the easily accessible lesson plans will save your teachers a ton of time!

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The Social Express

Cool School

No bullying Allowed.

Grade Level: 3-6

Through interactive videos and classroom discussions, this six-week curriculum teaches students how to identify and manage bullying situations by modeling multiple strategies. Unlike other programs, CoolSchool addresses bystander behavior and how it can contribute to and increase bullying within the school environment.

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See, measure, and tweak school culture.

Grade Level: K-12

Kickboard moves your teams to create a school culture that thrives. Here’s everything you need to know: independent research and real Kickboard schools prove that a positive school culture directly impacts student well-being and achievement.

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We Change Futures

CoolSchool Central’s vision is to Change Futures by helping schools create a safe, enjoyable environment where kids love to learn.
Studies show that the two key reasons why kids don’t go to school are they are afraid of being bullied at school, or because they find school boring.
Watch this video to fully appreciate what’s at stake.

Our Story

From the very beginning, our company has set the bar high by mandating that we create the most innovative teaching tools. We use high quality animation, interactivity, and relatable characters to provide each child with a unique and invaluable experience. It is our goal to create exciting, innovative new products to assist with social and life skills for every developmental stage that children go through.

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“As International spokesperson for bullying prevention, I am always looking for effective and research-based tools to help children understand the implications of bullying. After assessing The Cool School program, I am impressed with the curriculum and especially the quality of animation. Cool School places engaging animated characters in real-life situations involving bystanders and targets. Children interact with the scenes by making choices that have a positive or negative impact. This demonstrates consequences and provides them with effective tools to model on their own. I would recommend that every elementary school use this fantastic program!”

what is SEL and why is it Important?

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