Survey: School Social Climate and Bullying

Eskinder AssefaBullying, Positive School Climate, Public education system, SEL

In conducting an initial bullying survey of 92 respondents, we sought to better understand the social climate present within different school campuses, in addition to the currently existing initiatives and challenges schools face in implementing successful SEL and anti-bullying programs. We also gauged the potential interest schools may have in … Read More

Interactive Learning Is Here

Eskinder AssefaInteractive Learning, Positive School Climate, SEL, Video modeling

Recent advancement in teaching methodology has created a new phenomenon called “interactive learning.” Although, traditional teaching methods have generally claimed the foreground of the education system, there is a visible notion of change that has created a pathway for “interactive learning” to develop and expand. Beginning at a young age, … Read More

Addressing Bullying with SEL

Eskinder AssefaBullying, SEL

Statistics from 2013-14 report more than 6 million students (13% of the population or 1 in 8 students) were absent 15 or more days of school.  Over 500 school districts reported absenteeism of up to 30%  for at least 15 days a year. Unfortunately, this is a nationwide problem. Out of … Read More