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What is CoolSchool?

Designed for elementary school learners, CoolSchool’s six-week curriculum has been designed to teach your students about bullying. The program utilizes Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices, interactive video modeling, and offline activities to teach that harassment and teasing is never the answer. Children discover, through CoolSchool, that bullying threatens their own personal well-being, as well as the happiness and success of their peers. By being able to identify the different kinds of bullying (verbal, physical, etc.), student’s grasp how their behaviors and actions impact the people and social climate around them. Additionally, the program also addresses bystander behavior and how it can contribute to and increase bullying within the school environment.

Our Goals

CoolSchool aims to reduce bullying in order to decrease the physical and emotional harm it brings to students. Teacher’s can track bullying occurrences in real time through automatically built in incident reporting. This allows educators to address conflict as soon as it occurs, thus decreasing the odds of future confrontation. Students who are taught in bully-free environments are more likely to engage in positive, pro-social behavior, feel safe at school, and learn to effectively manage solutions to problems. Additionally, attendance in school improves and student achievement and concentration rises. Bully-free environments allow students to feel safe, secure, and excited about going to class – now that is a CoolSchool!

Sample Content

Sample: Webisode Summary: Grade 3

Download the PDF version of this sample webisode summary here.

Andrew approaches a group of boys in the schoolyard and asks if he can play basketball with them. Because he’s not a member of the “Superstar Squad”, the boys tell Andrew that he can’t play. The user helps Andrew decide the best strategy to use in this situation:

  • Tell the teacher
  • Play alone
  • Insult them back
  • Play with others instead
As Miranda passes Brandon in the hallway, he comments that she is “too small for the fifth grade”. The boys laugh at this comment. The user helps Miranda decide the best strategy to use in this situation:

  • Ignore him
  • Be rude
  • Push him
  • Sassy and clever
Gabriel is playing alone in the sandbox when Michael and Juan approach him. While the teachers are not looking, Michael and Juan begin grabbing handfuls of sand and throwing them at Gabriel. The user helps Gabriel decide the best strategy to use in this situation:

  • Ignore them
  • Throw sand back at them
  • Tell a teacher
  • Tell them to stop and play nice
Four students are practicing kicking soccer balls back and forth in PE class. Robby and Talia are deliberately
leaving their group member, Jackson, out of the game. When it’s Sally’s turn, she has to decide who to kick the
ball to. The user helps Sally decide the best strategy to use in this situation:

  • Kick the ball back to Robby
  • Ask your friends to all take turns
  • Call Robby and Talia names
  • Tell the gym teacher
Ava is working on an art project and turns to her friend Dylan to show him the finished product. Dylan is
talking to three boys who laugh at Ava’s artwork and say that she and Dylan have “cooties”. Dylan wants to be
Ava’s friend but also wants to be part of the group of boys. The user helps Dylan decide the best strategy to
use in this situation:

  • Act like he’s not Ava’s friend
  • Ignore Ava
  • Tell the boys to stop & make plans with her
  • Compliment her turkey and their games

More Sample Content


Sample Webisode:

cool school weekly plan

Example Weekly Plan:

Heather Feria
Heather FeriaVan Nuys Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District
"I just wanted to let you know how things are going with the two groups I am working with. The students are loving the program! It seems to me that the students are being honest and we have had some good conversations about bullying. They have brought up situations ...

read more

Marcie J. Claesgens, School Service Provider
Marcie J. Claesgens, School Service ProviderWatson Elementary
"The ​Cool School curriculum has been met with enthusiasm from our students. I have been able to refer back to scenarios that were depicted in the Cool School webisodes as examples of how to make positive behavior choices when counseling students in conflict or when other social challenges have arisen. ...

read more

Dr. Sherri Wexler
Dr. Sherri WexlerSchool Psychologist
"I know the students will love the animation, and the content aligns perfectly with our positive behavioral support programs."

read more

Dorothy L. Espelage, Ph.d.
“As an International spokesperson for bullying prevention, I am always looking for effective and research-based tools to help children understand the implications of bullying. After assessing The Cool School program, I am impressed with the curriculum and especially the quality of animation. Cool School places engaging animated characters in real-life ...

read more

Why CoolSchool?

CoolSchool is the only cloud based, fully animated, comprehensive bullying prevention program available for educators and their students. Unlike other programs, the CoolSchool bullying prevention programs can be implemented in a matter of days in any school environment. Teachers simply login, select the appropriate age webisode, play it, and facilitate an open discussion on what actions and behaviors are best and why. Kids love the webisodes because Commander Kurtis and Agent Bernard are fun, easy to follow, and are simple to relate to and understand. Teachers love CoolSchool because they can easily and efficiently reduce bullying in their schools to facilitate a safe, secure environment where children love to learn!

  • Connector.

    Full Curriculum

    The integration of SEL principles and video modeling software create a rich source of knowledge aimed at preventing and reducing bullying that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with web service. Students learn skills and behaviors designed to lower harassment in the classroom that help them form positive, engaging relationships with their peers and individuals in and outside of school.

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    Cloud Based Service

    As a cloud based service, CoolSchool requires no maintenance or management on the part of your school or your teachers. We take care of all updates, administration, and management behind the scenes for you.

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    Addresses all Type of Bullying

    CoolSchool offers a large library of webisodes covering all aspects of bullying including Cyber, Exclusion, Emotional, Physical, and Cultural forms of bullying. We strive to continuously add to these webisodes based on feedback of prevalent conflict issues present in schools.

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    Accessible to Parents

    Because CoolSchool is web-based on the cloud service, parents can use it at home with their kids. All you have to do is give them the necessary login credentials to login as a parent and view episodes with their children. Concepts can now be taught in schools and reinforced at home.

Become a CoolSchool!

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, nearly 1 in 3 students report being bullied during the school year. States have implemented strict anti-bullying laws, but any educator will tell you that punitive action alone won’t extricate the problem. Students need to be taught from an early age how to recognize bullying behavior and how to respond when confronted with or witnessing the behavior.

Join Commander Curtis aka “Cool Cat Curtis” and his partner, Agent Bernard in their quest to help every school become a CoolSchool!

Topics include
  • What to do if you witness an act of bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Exclusion Bullying
  • Emotional Bullying
  • Physical Bullying
  • Cultural Bullying

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