Track, measure, and tweak your student’s behaviors to create a positive, engaging school climate where learning is fun and children thrive!

What is Kickboard?

Creating a safe, supportive school culture is fundamental for maximizing student success and achievement. Kickboard aims to produce an environment free of negative social engagements between students and their teachers and peers. Through the utilization of tracking software, students and teachers are able to record different types of positive and negative behaviors. Kickboard changes the traditional approach of disciplining negative behavior, and instead encourages the rewarding of positive behavior. Students thrive when punishment is replaced with encouragement – such practices make school an inviting, engaging environment, rather than a culture of discipline and negative associations.

Kickboard’s easily accessible and simple to use software can be accessed on a computer, iPad and mobile app, or interactive whiteboard. Track and encourage positive behavior in the classroom and on the go with the exchange of “behavior points” for rewards, while tweaking, not punishing, negative behavior.

Safer Schools. More Engagement.

Think about all the precious instructional minutes that are stolen by referrals, attendance issues, bullies, or suspensions. When students begin to feel unsupported – or even worse, unsafe – they begin to disengage with teachers, peers, and learning and start to pull back, or even dropout, of school.

Kickboard in a crucially essential tool in assisting you support student by keeping minute behavioral issues small, and encouraging the persistence of positive behaviors and practices. Arm your teachers, school leaders, and school resource officers with the one and only solution that helps you stay a step ahead of escalating issues. Kickboard provides the tools necessary to intervene in problematic behaviors at the right place and right time, to get even the most at-risk students back on track.

“Kickboard has made a huge difference. We reduced disciplines by 44% in just 18 weeks. If I go to another campus and come back to ours, I can see and hear the difference. It’s so positive here and that’s changing the culture of our school. This not only improves students’ behavior but it improves their academic performance as well.”


Happier Students & Teachers

You may be burnt out, trying to ignite the flame of prosperous student achievement. It’s time to look a little closer at why things aren’t burning as brightly as you’d hoped. Independent research and real Kickboard schools prove that a positive school culture directly impacts student well-being and achievement.

Whether you’re just getting started with behavior management or fully practicing a schoolwide program such as PBIS or Social Emotional Learning, Kickboard is the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture. With features that actually help students stay more engaged and act positively – while giving school leaders and teachers multiple levels of support – your school culture will be fostering student progress in no time!

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    One-Click Behavior Tracking

    Help students achieve positive social and emotional character development. With just a tap, track and reinforce the behaviors that make up your ideal school culture – from traits like ‘supportive’ and ‘helpful’ to behaviors like ‘participation’ and ‘teamwork’.

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    Goal-Based Incentives, Points, Rewards

    Effortlessly motivate students while saving significant time, paper, and patience. Kickboard automatically keeps track of behavior points, scholar dollars, student paychecks, and school store rewards through the convenient accessibility of a mobile app or computer. Students can trade in positive behavior points for the rewards and celebrations that you choose!

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    Celebrate Together, Automatically

    Whether for celebration (a popcorn party!) or concern, Kickboard automatically adds students to “positive” or “negative” behavior rosters based on how they have acted each day. You’ll know instantly, at the touch of your fingertips, where students stand: who’s on the right path, and who needs more assistance.

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    Follow The Leader

    Everyone should share in positive achievement – on a whiteboard, in the lobby, or even on an iPhone. Reinforce your positive behavior champions with real-time culture leaderboards that can be displayed anywhere. Leaderboards allow students to become examples and models of beneficial behaviors for their fellow peers.

Why Kickboard?

Kickboard aims to promote a secure educational environment, where children feel encouraged and safe, by rewarding and encouraging positive behaviors in and outside of the classroom. Producing such a positive culture creates students who are excited and invested in coming to school; as a result, learning thrives and beneficial relationships blossom between students, teachers, and school staff. When students find school fun and welcoming, everybody benefits.

Potential Benefits include
  • Increasing student performance by up to 5.5 additional points – nearly an entire letter grade
  • Fostering positive relationships between students and their peers, teachers, and school personel
  • Actively engaging students in school means reduced instances of truancy and absenteeism
  • Decreasing suspensions: Lyon Academy (St. Louis, MO) reduced suspensions from 200 to just 3 with Kickboard
  • Reducing disciplinary measures by up to 29% (Lowery Elementary School)
  • Higher likelihood of graduation: students who feel safe and secure at school are less likely to dropout

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