The SockKids™

Teaching Young Kids About Kindness

What is the SockKids™

A multi-colored, illustrated and animated children’s video and book series. The SockKids™ are a mismatched family of socks that sometimes time-travel through the spin cycle, teaching universal lessons of love and kindness, and creating a greater awareness of the many social issues facing children today. The SockKids™ help to educate and encourage children from 2 to 92 to find solutions to make this a better world.

Sock Kids stop a bully

Why the SockKids™?

Perhaps you’ll wonder where your missing sock has gone. You’ll have to look nowhere else but here – as your socks could be traveling with The SockKids™ on a cool adventure.

Children and their parents are drawn to the diversity of the family and the universal and timeless lessons they teach: don’t be afraid of new experiences; treat others as you would like to be treated; champion all children and embrace all cultures; and of course, beware of the spin cycle!

Why The SockKids™ Are Taking On Bullying

“Bullying can take on many forms and present differently among age groups and across genders. It is most important to first educate your child, friend, or loved one on bullying and be able to identify signs and characteristics of a bully. Bullies are people who have the intention to harm someone emotionally or physically. Most bullies tease or threaten, but sometimes bullies can cause pain, attack, or assert power over another person by physical means.”

-Jamie Ross,
New York State licensed
family counselor and therapist

Meet the Socker Family!

The Socker Family
  • Connector.


    Stretch is a ‘sock jock’ and a cool dude. He wears shades, loves sports and all things outdoors. He’s a take charge, leap before you look character. Whether he’s bungee jumping off a street light, diving 20 stories into a cup of water or riding a garden hose as if it were a rodeo bull, Stretch is up to the challenge. He’s the self-appointed leader of the SockKids and always encourages Nick to dive into danger.

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    Buttons is an effusive, energetic, opinionated sock with a passion for fashion. Every time you see her she has sewn something, offering it to other socks. She has five different colored buttons on her toes. Touching one of the buttons can lead to an amazing adventure into the future or back in time!

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    Stinky has a big sewn on nose, messy yarn hair and all kinds of junk stuck to him. He’s a sloppy, smelly sock, a ball of energy, who loves to play in the trash can, take a bath in Nick’s left over soup and collect toe jam.

  • Connector.


    She loves folk music and can be often found at the park playing her guitar which once belonged to grandmother. When doing so, others flock to her to hear her lovely gentle voice. Her guitar is possessed, unbeknownst to her, and has a habit of creating conflict among the SockKids by strumming confrontational music, such as the theme from Jaws or a horror show.

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    Wooly is a nerdy sock who wears thick rimmed glasses, and sports a red bow tie. Wooly is socially impaired, being shy and soft spoken. He’s also ultra logical, super smart and loves to read, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries with scientific deduction—he’s a great ghost-tracker.

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    Footley is a claustrophobic, accident prone, worry wart whose philosophy is “if it can go wrong it will!”—and it does, for him—a self-fulfilling prophecy. He is constantly getting torn, stretched, splattered, cooked, ironed and run over.

  • Connector.

    Mr. Sock

    Mr. Sock is a Martian sock with pointy ears and two springy antennas on his head. He says he’s from the planet Neptoe and has come to Earth to protect Nick from the “invader” humans, who he insists want to take Nick prisoner. Mr. Sock’s favorite thing is to explore and he is determined to “go where no sock has gone before.” Unfortunately, he learns the hard way that the cake mixer is not a mini-space ship.

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